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This website was developed based the research that was conducted in Thomas More University of Applied Sciences and Hasselt University as a part of the H2020 project Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Modelling Platform for NanoInformatics (


The website provides information about:


  • The NMTox package.

  • Dose-response modelling of  Nanomaterials toxicity.

Both online Shiny Apps and stand alone versions are provided and R code to conduct a similar analysis is provided as well.


General information about the website and the H2020 project related to the analysis presented in this website.


This page provides materials related to inference and estimation for dose-response NanoInformatics data. All applications are implemented in R and both theoretical background and analysis of  case studies are presented. R code for the applications are provided as well.

Shiny Apps

This page provides the software manuals and links for two shiny apps, the NMTox app and the YYYY app, for the analysis of Nanoinformatics dose-response data.


This website was developed as a part of the H2020 NanoInformaTIX project.  More information can be found in

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Website developers: Rahmasari Nur Azizah & Ziv Shkedy.

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